Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a church that is:

Jesus Centered

Kingdom Purposed

Spirit Led




Our mission is to:

Build Community

Make Disciples

Glorify Jesus




GATEWAY WHITEGateways are the God given opportunities we receive everyday to impact and influence the society where we live out our faith in Jesus.

The term “gateway” comes from the story where Jesus raised the widow’s son at the entrance to the town of Nain.

Gateways in Bible times were the seat of influence in a place. Places of influence in society today include: public service, media, arts and entertainment, education, family, or religion where we seek to demonstrate the gospel and bring about transformation one life at a time.







Pathway WHITE

Pathways are one of the means by which we seek to make

At New Life Community Church we provide various courses and ministry opportunities to live out our vision for empowering every person to make a positive difference in their world of influence through demonstrating the extraordinary God.