Got Questions About Life? #TryAlpha

What is Alpha?

Alpha is for anyone wanting to investigate Christianity for the first time, both for non-Christians and for newcomers to the church. It is a place where you can be yourself – where you can say what you think and challenge everything. Where no question is too complex or too simple and what your point of view is, is as important as anybody else.

Alpha is a journey together – an adventure to explore the questions of life faith and meaning.

During this season we are running Alpha on line using the Zoom APP which you can download for free and will give you access to the course. The whole evening will last about an hour and 5 minutes.

All you have to do is register so we can send you a password and a link for the evening. We guarantee you a warm welcome. For more information please ring Mark or Belen on 07963099587 or email us onĀ